Are you tired of HVAC Manufacturers telling you how to operate? Fed up with your business being shoved to the background? Just want to be supported with the tools to succeed without having to jump through all the hoops?

We, here at Ruud, understand and enthusiastically embrace the concept that YOU, the Contractor, and your business, are the most important component of any HVAC transaction. When you're successful and profitable, so are we.

Explore this site dedicated to giving YOU personalized marketing, sales and training tools to support you and your business.

Because at the end of the dayThe Focus is on You!

History of Innovation

Why Ruud?

Ruud can help you give your customer the value, performance and features they want. From our #1 rated "most reliable" air conditioners and top-rated furnaces, to our innovative, integrated heating and water heating systems, Ruud has something to satisfy the budgets and lifestyle of every customer.

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contractor support

Contractor Support

Ruud provides Contractors with a convenient, easy-to-read compilation of all the programs and services available to Contractor customers. From the standard Contractor offerings, to the Ruud Team Top Contractor Program, Contractors are sure to find ideas that can be customized to their business and their local market needs.

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marketing tools

Marketing Tools

As you've seen while reviewing The Marketing Drive, Ruud Contractors have a wide variety of marketing tools and services to help close the sale, provide lead generation, and lots of identification options for their company. With the Ruud AdMaker Tool, Contractors can even build customized newspaper ads free of charge, and have it sent to their email address and/or that of a local newspaper in less than 10 minutes!

Many of the tools available also help to get "the phone to ring" and produce high quality leads. Also, Ruud has the most flexible and least expensive options in the industry for building and maintaining a company website, professionally designed, and personalized for our Contractors.

As a Ruud Contractor, you would have access to our online, one-stop marketing support too,

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award-winning product line

Award-Winning Product Line

Looking for a complete product line of both residential and light commercial HVAC products to sell and service? How about installation-friendly and the easiest to service? Oh yeah, throw in the fact our products were recently rated as #1 in reliability by a leading consumer publication and the answer is the Ruud product line. Take a closer look!

Today's economy isn't about product lines; it's about product solutions. It isn't about the number of models or the capacity, but how you can use these various products to meet the equally various demands of each application.

Over the next four years, starting in 2013, Ruud will be introducing completely redesigned furnace and outdoor model platforms.

Whatever your interests or needs; whatever your heating or cooling application, Ruud has a reliable, cost-effective solution to meet it.


Ruud sets the standard of reliability to meet or exceed the high expectations for performance and durability of today's homeowner. The Ruud reputation for durability and reliability is supported by our strong warranties.



The nation's leading consumer products magazine recently reported that tens of thousands of homeowners have found that Ruud central air conditioners are the most reliability based on low incidence of repairs.


Reliability claim based on recent survey of over 40,000 consumers by the nation's leading consumer product review magazine.

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in-depth training

Training Opportunities

Take your know-how to the next level

Ensuring our contractors' success is at the heart of everything Ruud does — that's why we established the Ruud Academy. It's mission is simple: develop the best-trained contractor and distribution network in the HVAC industry.

Through an exciting blend of online and classroom curriculum, contractors receive expert technical and busness training to get them ahead in today's competitive marketplace. When you graduate with your Ruud Academy certificate, you can count yourself at the top of your class — and your business.

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